Keep v Bourke [2012] NSWCA 64 Family provision – testatrix with three adult children leaves whole estate to two of them equally – long estrangement between third child and testatrix – third child obtains at first instance an order giving her a legacy of roughly one third of estate – whether primary judge correctly applied jurisdictional or “first stage” test – whether discretion miscarried at “second stage” – award reduced from $200,000 to $175,000 and applicant to pay costs of appeal.

Kebbell v Reynolds & anor [2012] QSC 88  – Powers of Attorney  – where an extension of time was sought for the making of an application for relief under s106(5) of the Powers of Attorney Act 1998 (Qld) – whether time should be extended – where respondents delayed in providing a copy of the power of attorney to the applicant.

The Public Trustee of Queensland as Litigation Guardian for TAA v Ban [2012] QCA 85 – where the respondent lodged an appeal but did not comply with timelines with respect to filing Outline of Argument – where the respondent was given an extension of time by the registry within which to file Outline of Argument – and a further extension within which to file Outline of Argument and an Amended Notice of Appeal – where the respondent did not comply with that those timeframes – where the applicant brought an application to strike out the respondent’s appeal for want of prosecution – whether the respondent should be granted a further extension – whether the respondent’s appeal should be struck out.

Richards v Augustine & Anor  [2012] QSC 46 – Family Provision – Claim by children – where legacy of $45,000 made for applicant in the will of applicant’s father – where applicant contends provision was insufficient – whether provision was insufficient

In the Estate of NICHOLLS (DECEASED) [2012] SASC 53 –  Probate and Letters of Administration – Foreign Grants -Reseal – Jurisdiction – Application for directions made by Registrar of Probates – deceased died in SA leaving a will made in NSW appointing Public Trustee of NSW as executor and trustee – grant of probate obtained in Supreme Court of NSW by NSW Trustee and Guardian – an officer of NSW Trustee and Guardian applied for a re-seal of grant of probate in Supreme Court of SA – whether the NSW Trustee and Guardian is a “Trust corporation” for the purposes of r 50 of the Probate Rules 2004 (SA) – whether the applicant for re-sealing has the necessary authority to make the application on behalf of the NSW Trustee and Guardian.