Adams (Dec’d) [2012] QSC 103 – The making of a will – Revocation – Destruction or mutilation or striking out portions – where will contained several handwritten markings on it – where applicant made an application for probate of the will without any handwritten alterations appearing therein, and for letters of administration on intestacy of testator’s late wife – where the markings were found to be those of the testator – where none of the beneficiaries opposed the application – whether the validity of the will without any of the handwritten alterations appearing therein should be declared.

The Public Trustee v Ban (No 2) [2012] QSC 97 – Inter vivos gifts – essentials of perfect gifts – gifts of land or interests therein – where the registered proprietor of property executed by way of gift an instrument of transfer of his interest in real property to himself and the first defendant jointly – where the first defendant alleges the property is held by the registered proprietor beneficially for himself and the first defendant – where it is accepted the proprietor intended the transfer operate as a gift – where the executed instrument of transfer was never registered – whether the registered proprietor took all necessary steps to perfect the gift.

Johnston & Anor v Herrod & Ors [2012] QSC  98 – Where all parties are siblings and members of the Jehovah’s Witness faith,  where the deceased the parties’ father,was in a partnership in a cattle property with the first and second defendants – where deceased’s interest in cattle partnership and residue was left to the first plaintiff, second plaintiff, and third plaintiff in equal shares – where discussions took place regarding plaintiff and second plaintiff assigning their interest in the partnership to the first and second  defendants for $55 000 – where first plaintiff signed an agreement to that affect but the second plaintiff did not – whether  the plaintiffs entered binding agreements with the first and second defendants.