Important amendments to Qld Succession Act re de factos

On 5 June 2017, very important amendments to the Qld Succession Act came into effect that put de facto spouses and de facto stepchildren on the same footing as married spouses and stepchildren. I am proud of these amendments, being part of the Succession Law Committee of the QLS that lobbied for this uniformity. The … Continue reading Important amendments to Qld Succession Act re de factos

New costs rule

On 19 December 2014, a new 700A was inserted into the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules regarding in estate and trust matters.  The new rule is set out below. Of course, these matters were always able to be taken into account in the court's wide discretion on costs, so it will be interesting to see what practical effect … Continue reading New costs rule

QSuper now accepts BDBNs

Notice to Practitioners - QSuper now accepts binding death benefit nominations.  The deed refers to the provisions of the SIS Act, so the usual SIS Act limitations (such as the 3 year lapse rule) will apply.  It is a step forward though.  See the provisions of the deed here.