Today a judgment was handed down which will please many executors and family members of deceased persons involved in litigation.  It was the first successful disentitling conduct case for many years.

The conduct was that the applicant son was physically violent towards his mother and frequently abused her, prior to being completely excluded from her life.

Sanderson M said (at [37]):

“A person who is violent towards a testator cannot simply expect to be provided for in a will or if not provided for to come before the court and receive a proportion of the estate. The acts of violence reap their own reward.”

On a lighter note, at [29] he said:

“The final witness called by the defendant was … Mrs Crofts.  She is also a psychic detective.  I did not find her a helpful witness. In the end I determined I would not take her evidence into account in determining this application. Given her psychic powers Mrs Crofts probably anticipated this outcome.”

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