Reasons published in statutory will case

Applegarth J has published his reasons in a statutory will case that was heard over three days in August. A summary of the decision was published by Rebecca Treston QC recently, see the summary here. The costs decision will be an interesting one. Read Re APB here.

Recent media

August has been a busy month.  Here are four articles published on cases I have been in. Elderly multimillionaire’s $70m estate at heart of complex will battle Court orders texta marks on mum’s will be ignored Critical lessons for SMSF succession planning Pilot’s partner wins court approval to organise his funeral

Unsuccessful statutory will case

This was a joint approach by two interested parties for the court to make a will on (their own) agreed terms.  Young J was not satisfied that the proposed will was one that the person would make if she had capacity. The applicant was the attorney of the proposed testator.  She was ordered to bear … Continue reading Unsuccessful statutory will case