On 19 December 2014, a new 700A was inserted into the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules regarding in estate and trust matters.  The new rule is set out below. Of course, these matters were always able to be taken into account in the court’s wide discretion on costs, so it will be interesting to see what practical effect the new rule has on costs decisions. 700A Estates of deceased persons and trusts (1) This rule applies to— (a) a proceeding under the Succession Act 1981,  part 4; or (b) another proceeding relating to an interest in property under a will or trust. (2) Without limiting the court’s discretion under  these rules to make an order  about costs in  relation to all or part of the proceeding, the court may, in determining an order for costs, take into account the following matters— (a) the value of the property the subject of the proceeding and, in particular, the value of the property about which there is a disputed entitlement; (b) whether costs have been increased because of any one or more of the following— (i) noncompliance with these rules; (ii) noncompliance with a practice direction; (iii) the litigation of unmeritorious issues; (iv) failure to make, promptly or at all, appropriate concessions or admissions; (v) giving unwarranted attention to minor or peripheral issues; (c) an offer of settlement made by a party to the proceeding.